Majora’s Mask

According to, Majora’s Mask is an ancient relic used in the past by a now vanished tribe for hexing rituals. The Mask is able to bestow great power, but also great evil, upon its wearer, and was thus sealed away out of fear.

I don’t have a howto for this one, just a serious of progress pictures and a story.  This is a full size Majora’s Mask from the Legend of Zelda game, printed in PETG and finished with paint brushes and paper towels.  The model is from thingiverse and comes in 8 pieces. 6 horns and 2 sides to the face.   I did my usual routine of sanding, bondo, sanding, primer, sanding, primer, sanding and then painting. This one was fairly challenging though because the mask has lots and lots of little curves that are difficult to get a good sand into.

Once the part was ready for paint, I just went ham with acrylics.  I don’t know how actual artists do this stuff, but I laid down a base set of colors, always painting in the same direction because I wanted the brush lines to stack up and look like an organic texture, and then patted on mixed colors with paper towels. The stripes are all hand painted, I tried masking them off with tape and then painting them that way but it ended up being just as easy to free hand them.  The entire piece was then coated in a thick top coat, again with a brush and again all in the same direction.   The net effect, I think, is very cool and it looks like it was alternately carved and shaped by hand.  This one goes up in our dining room next to the hogwarts crest 🙂