Mad Eye Moody’s magic eye

Updated version here, now with 100% more wifi!

Alastor Moody lost his left eye sometime during the first wizarding war. His replacement eye is described as an electric blue orb that is able to see through anything, from walls and invisibility cloaks to the back of Alastor’s own head.  It’s ability to move on it’s own compounded with Moody’s constant vigilance is what earned him the nickname Mad Eye.

First I had to come up with a 3d model to serve as the Eye’s casing and the eye itself. I used 123d design to create the model and it’s available at the InventorForge github.  After printing the pieces and assembling the eye with a sub micro servo, it came time to finish the case.  I did a worse job then usual of taking pictures of this process, but I have a poorly edited youtube video to take it’s place.

TLDR; filling primer, sand, filling primer, sand, etch out the details with a file, base coat, second coat, layers and layers of weathering, poly top coat , 000 steel wool to knock down the shine.

Once that’s all finished, it’s time to move to the leather strap and electronics.

I purchased a sheet of tanned leather to cut straps out of . Originally I had planned on making an eye patch to attach the printed parts to, but that ended up not working out when I contoured the case.  So I made two straps out of the leather. One of them I made double layered and hid the 3 wires that drive the servo in the eye.  After that I made a pouch that holds the DigiSpark that runs the servo and a small LiPo battery to power  everything. The pouch has velcro on the back to hold the straps together and magnets to hold the flap closed.

The eye will run for a few hours without stopping and is a fun part of my Mad Eye Moody costume.