Moto 360 travel charger

I enjoy my Moto 360 watch, and the wireless charging system is pretty good, but the charger isn’t the most convenient thing for traveling.

IMG_20160717_121127I wouldn’t say that I travel light, but I travel very organized and the the stock charger would never fit inside one of the bubu wire wraps that I use.  I tried out various Qi charge plates that I had, but the problem with the 360 is the curved back doesn’t allow it to sit flat on a charge plate. The best I could get was a sporadic connection that would cause the charge circuits to start and stop every few seconds.


IMG_20160716_175910So I decided to take apart my factory charger and make a travel charger.   The insides are pretty much what you would expect. A coil in the upright section, a small PCB with the USB connector on the bottom and some lead weight to give the unit heft.  Measured out, the PCB + carrier is about 48mm and the coil is 36mm in diameter.  I made a simple 3d printed box with those interior dimensions and a .5mm top for the coil and watch to rest against.

IMG_20160717_113431The enclosure is printed in Nylon so it’s very strong and everything is hot glued in place internally.  The charger works great, the charge light makes the entire enclosure glow and it’s down to 18mm from the 70mm of the factory unit.