Melted Vader helmet

Darth Vader’s helmet was crafted from highly polished woodoo hide, durasteel, obsidian and plasteel merged and formed using Dark Side alchemy. Acting as the cap to hermetically seal Vader’s life supporting 10 layered armor,  It allowed vader to see in infrared, survive the vacuum of space and act as a neural control interface to all of his prosthetics.   While the pyre lit on Endor was enough to destroy vader’s body, his armor and suit survived, albeit damaged, until it was discovered by Kyp Durron.

wthierry has put up a nice model of the helmet that looked to be a fun print.  Not many pictures of this one because the finish was very simple, bit I wanted to do a small print before I took this to 300% size and made a lifesize helmet. Print, sand, heavy coats of filling primer and then, while the filling primer was still wet, a few coats of satin black.  As the primer dries we get really big cracks in some of the grooves of the helmet that I then touch up with black after it has dried. This is the same effect I used on the ruined splicer mask and I really like it.  A coat of poly after a few days of drying and I have a mini melted vader mask that is going to be gifted to a friend.