The ever expanding fail train

I only posts completed work to the blog so I don’t clog it up with cruft, but I have a LOT of failures in between each success. I thought it might be fun to share a few of them here. This post will be updated as my fails grow

The fail element

The first round of my fifth element stones was actually textured. After priming the piece black (first mistake) I grabbed a left over bucket of textured, tan patio sealant and started to dab it onto the piece with a foam brush. This stuff wont paint on, but the texture from dabbing looked pretty ok at first.  The trouble is that the surface never fully laid out flat, so I still had lots of rough lumps and the stones in the movie are very smooth.  While The ones I’m making are more movie inspired then replicas, this was still a bit out there. The second issue was that I underestimated the transparency of the seal and the black bled through something awful. The only way to get rid of it was to keep laying on texture until all of the  nice surface details were totally lost.  Couldn’t recover, into the bin this one went.